The Pink Pony

The Pink Pony

The Pink Pony. Literary fiction/legal thriller set on Mackinac Island, Michigan. 
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    The Port Huron-Mackinac sailboat race has just finished at Mackinac Island, and the racers
    head for the nearest bar, the legendary Pink Pony. This night, however, takes on a grisly turn
    and the next morning one of the skippers, Jimmy Lyons, is found in the bar strangled to
    death by a string of Christmas tree lights.

    Burr Lafayette celebrated at The Pink Pony the night of the murder and takes on the case,
    largely because he needs the money. Late forties, recently divorced and a part-time father,
    he is a man at loose ends. The deposed head of the litigation department of a major Detroit
    law firm, he much prefers boats and fishing, dogs and duck hunting, women and wine.
    Nonetheless, he is a brilliant, if reluctant litigator.

    Burr sets out on a journey filled with unsavory characters and legal setbacks. Burr, though,
    is at his best in court. A legal twist almost costs him the case, but he finally untangles the
    characters and their secrets, and, in a thrilling and shocking climax, unmasks the murderer.

    The Pink Pony is Anatomy of a Murder and The Thin Man rolled into one. A legal thriller
    with larger than life characters and a plot that will keep you guessing to the last sentence.
    Once you pick up The Pink Pony, you won’t be able to put it down.