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We are a small traditional book publishing company in business for 15 years.  


   Here's our story:


Susan Bays and a few friends hatched a plan to research and write a book about the history of those fabulous historic cottages on the bluffs and around the shoreline of Mackinac Island. In 2002, Historic Cottages of Mackinac Island was printed and released and Arbutus Press received its first book award, The Michigan Notable Book Award.


Since then, we have published more than 60 titles and received 4 book awards. We store over 100,000 individual books, have 42 fine authors, arrange many book signings, events, interviews, and press releases. 

We continue to publish quality non-fiction books now shifting to Florida.

Susan Bays


Arbutus Press

2608 Bainbridge Lane, The Villages, FL 32162





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