Ride Michigan

Bill Murphy


Ride Michigan is a guide to back road motorcycle riding for a short ride in the countryside or a planned five-day excursion. Bill Murphy scouts out and maps thirty-four of the most interesting,

varied, light-traffic, well maintained back roads in the state.


The book is divided into four sections; north woods, the lakeshores, southern farmlands and the Great Lakes. Murphy has also written five other books on motorcycling, four guidebooks for Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin – and a non-fiction book about five women cross-country motorcyclists from the early 20th century titled Grace and Grit.


Join Murphy as he explores Michigan and the Great Lakes region with 34 detailed and entertaining chapters that chronicle places to go and things to see on the bucolic back roads that crisscross this marvelous place that Michiganders call home.


Ride Michigan is Bill Murphy’s seventh book on travel and history topics.

He draws on five decades of exploring every corner of the great lakes region. He is

Vietnam veteran of the Marine Corps and has been riding for over 40 years.