From the Prairie State of Illinois’s Ohio River route to Minnesota’s Lake Superior shoreline, Bill Murphy provides motorcyclists with exploration, adventure and discovery of the great Midwest. Ride America’s Heartland is Murphy’s sixth book in a series about motorcycling culminating in this ‘Best of the Midwest’ collection of touring routes.


Murphy’s suggested routes portray his three principles for inclusion: good roads, nice scenery, and interesting places to explore along the way. Good roads to Murphy means paved roads that have character: curves, hills, and scenic interest that wander through the rural Midwest’s small villages, farms, historic sites, mom & pop restaurants and friendly taverns.


On a practical note, Murphy provides maps of every state marked with the region to explore, web sites for campground reservations, tourism information and photos both historic and of scenic interest. His turn-by-turn instructions, coupled with your GPS, will guide you through the great heartland of America.


ISBN 978-1-933926-65-0      $18.95