Paddling Rivers in Michigan and Wisconsin with Doc Fletcher


Weekend Canoeing in Michigan



 "Weekend Canoeing in Michigan" (20 rivers)  including slow meanders down family-friendly rivers to more challenging runs on swift-flowing waters. Only rivers serviced by canoe/kayak liveries are included, so that this book can be a guide to all who love paddling Michigan, whether they own their own boat or not.


For each river, you're provided information about a suggested day trip including that trip's hours, its "degree of difficulty" (letting you know if this is the appropriate trip for the paddling ability of you & your group), liveries where you can rent your canoe or kayak from (who will also help you with your own equipment), and key landmarks that act as your "clock on the water", letting you know how you're progressing against the trip's total time.

Michigan's Pere Marquette
Paddling Through its History

ISBN 978-1-933926-5-13

This book breaks the 65 miles of the Pere Marquette River into 8 paddling day trips. Each of the day trips gets its own chapter. The day trips range in miles from 5 to 12, and range in hours from 2 to 4. Each chapter lists the miles and hours for that day trip, directions to its starting access point, a day trip overview and a river map outlining the day trip from start to finish. Key landmarks are noted along the way to let you know how you’re progressing against the trip’s total miles and minutes. Also included is a “degree of difficulty” canoeing & kayaking rating for that day trip, a simple 3-step rating: 1. Beginner, 2. Intermediate (the difference vs. beginner is “can you steer around obstructions or through fast water?”) and 3. Skilled.



Paddling Michigan Hidden Beauty

The book features day trips down twenty Michigan rivers including...

* paddling along the banks of the Red Cedar thru the heart of the Michigan State University campus,

* Carp River whitewater runs thru the gorgeous U.P. Mackinac Wilderness,

* the strong currents of SE Michigan's Clinton River (40% of our boats flipped over; 100% of our paddlers loved the trip!),

* the surprisingly scenic, rural, memorable and delightful Flint River,

* the gorgeous riffling waters of the Boardman River, near Traverse City,

and fun-filled river trips down the AuSable, Crockery Creek, Black (South Haven), Cedar, Manistee, Paw Paw, Pentwater North Branch, Pigeon (Grand Haven), Prairie, Shiawassee, taking the Rouge as it merges into the Detroit, the U.P.'s Indian, and headwaters paddling on two of our state's longest rivers, the Grand and the St. Joseph, with GREAT (the Grand River Environmental Action Team).

Canoeing and Kayaking Wisconsin

20 river trips through Wisconsin are included, from isolated rural trips on small streams as narrow as the White River near Drummond (in sections, only 5' from riverbank to riverbank), middle-of-nowhere rivers where bears sip water at the shoreline and eagles perch overhead, to the urban adventure of the Milwaukee River, taking you past riverside taverns on your way to a rendezvous with Lake Michigan. As a bonus, a paddle on the Chicago River, taking you through the steel & glass canyon of downtown Chicago, is included as a 21st river trip.