Motorcycling Across Indiana

by Bill Murphy


ISBN 978-1-9339266-0-56


“Indiana:  Corn fields, basketball, Larry Bird, Amish buggies, the Indy 500, Gary steel mills—and MOTORCYCLING!”


So says Bill Murphy, devotee of two-wheel travel and author of two previous guides to Midwest motorcycle touring.


     “Like other states in the great American Midwest, Indiana offers fabulous motorcycling…  meandering roads through beautiful countryside, forests dissected by twisting pavement laid alongside bedrock cliffs, waterfalls and caves, white water streams, the mighty Ohio River…”  And that’s just southern Indiana!


     “Central Indiana has miles of bucolic country roads through farm and forest and roads that twist and turn as they follow such rivers as the Wabash, the Whitewater, the Tippecanoe, the Mississinewa and the St. Mary’s…  The northern portion of the state is lake country where you’ll find scores of inland lakes nestled in the rolling glacial hills, and the blue water of Lake Michigan stretching seemingly forever beyond the northern horizon.  Majestic sand dunes…, a historic mosaic formed by the people and events that forged the Crossroads of America over the centuries…., an enchanting land just waiting to be explored the best way possible—on a motorcycle.


     Bill Murphy charts fun routes off the main roads and way off the freeway, with any eye for the features most attractive to motorcycling enthusiasts:  He has ridden big cushy bikes and dirt-track screamers for many years all over the Midwest, and authored the popular Motorcyling Across Michigan and Motorcycling Across Ohio.  A Viet Nam vet and retired Conservation officer, Bill Murphy also appreciates people and nature.  And he takes the reader/rider to the best Indiana has to offer via the scenic route.


     “I’ve intended this book to be more than typical tour guides that simply tell you the most expedient route to some popular and overcrowded destinations.  I take a very different tack.  In this book, it’s all about the journey…  I also want to tell you about Indiana at the same time.  There are thousands of fascinating stories and bits of folklore, natural and manmade attractions, under-appreciated historical events, and just plain interesting things to see and do and learn about…”


     A beautiful state and a great guide come together in “Motorcycling Across Indiana.”